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Threatening moves by Attorney General Jeff Sessions against states that legalized marijuana are ill-informed, destructive and a distraction from far-more-important issues.Sessions last week rescinded two... [Read More]
I respond to the Other Viewpoints editorial "Are you spreading 'fake news'?" by the Dallas Morning News in Saturday's Dispatch.Members of President Donald Trump's inner... [Read More]
What we're already thinking about — what we would anticipate with glee — is the autumn 2020 televised debate: Trump vs. Oprah. Blustering New Yorker... [Read More]
Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is coming under growing attack from those most blinded by partisanship and — in the... [Read More]
Children from lower-income families could soon lose access to affordable health care because the Republican leaders in Congress have failed to renew the Children's Health... [Read More]
Everyone gripes about air travel. The complaints are universal: bare-it-all security checks; shoving matches over cabin bin space; economy seats increasingly reminiscent of a miniature... [Read More]
All 2017 had to do was go away quietly, but no. It left us a nasty New Year's gift: "Swatting" is now officially a thing,... [Read More]
The term "fake news," already embedded in the national psyche of this country, achieved global recognition when the UK-based Collins Dictionary declared it the Word... [Read More]
Your opinion could shape other viewpoints about topics large and small — from what's happening in your neighborhood to decisions in Washington, D.C.The Echo Press... [Read More]
Only a day after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un essentially threatened the United States with a nuclear attack, the government of South Korea on... [Read More]
Perhaps no institution is more important to the functioning of American democracy than the census, the once-a-decade count of the U.S. population that determines congressional... [Read More]
In advance of the legalization of recreational marijuana sales in California on Jan. 1, there were lots of debates over the details of the cannabis... [Read More]
the good, the bad and the ugly... [Read More]
In almost every developed country, life expectancy at birth has trended predictably and steadily upward for decades, with slight hiccups from time to time, usually... [Read More]
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