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Former "One Tree Hill" creator and current creative head behind E!'s "The Royals" Mark Schwahn has been suspended from his show following reports he has sexually harassed... [Read More]
Another cast is collectively accusing Mark Schwahn of sexual misconduct. The television producer was previously the subject of an open letter from the female cast... [Read More]
Elizabeth Hurley has claimed she wasn't aware of alleged sexual misconduct by Mark Schwahn. [Read More]
'The Royals' star Tom Austen took to Twitter on Thursday, November 16, to express his unwavering support for his female costars in the wake of... [Read More]
"The Royals" showrunner Mark Schwahn has been suspended from the E! show following accusations of sexual harassment by writers and stars on his previous show,... [Read More]
Elizabeth Hurley Addresses 'The Royals' Creator Mark Schwahn's Alleged Harassment of Female Co-Workers Elizabeth Hurley is speaking out in a lengthy statement after the creator... [Read More]
The Queen has spoken. Elizabeth Hurley, who stars as Queen Helena on The Royals, has released a statement regarding the…... [Read More]
'The Royals' star Elizabeth Hurley responded to allegations of sexual harassment against Mark Schwahn as 25 more women speak out — details... [Read More]
'I feel sick,' she said in a lengthy Twitter statement... [Read More]
"The Royals" star Elizabeth Hurley has released a statement addressing the sexual harassment allegations against series creators and showrunner Mark Schwahn. In the open... [Read More]
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"I am devastated to admit to myself, to my colleagues and to this industry that I too, have been exposed to this reprehensible behavior," Alexandra... [Read More]
After The Royals star Alexandra Park spoke out Wednesday against the "unacceptable, harmful leadership" of the drama's creator Mark Schwahn,…... [Read More]
The female cast and crew members of "The Royals" have issued a joint statement accusing creator and showrunner Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment. [Read More]
Twenty-five female staffers from E!'s 'The Royals' have released a statement accusing showrunner Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment. [Read More]
Elizabeth Hurley issued her own statement on Twitter this morning saying that she "never witnessed" harassment by Mark Schwahn @ The Royals. [Read More]
The cast and crew of "The Royals" have added to the mounting sexual harassment charges against Mark Schwann. [Read More]
The Female Cast & Crew of 'The Royals' Accuse Showrunner Mark Schwahn of Sexual Harassment Following the news of showrunner Mark Schwahn's suspension from the... [Read More]
The allegations come after the cast and crew of One Tree Hill accused Schwahn of sexual harassment. [Read More]
A number of actresses and female crew members from E!'s  The Royals are speaking out in the wake of series creator/showrunner Mark Schwahn's suspension from the... [Read More]
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