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Re "Parties agree to audit California's bullet train project in a win for accountability" (Editorial, Jan. 30): Good news that after six years of delays,... [Read More]
Re "Corruption cleaners needed in Alabama politics" (Editorial, Jan. 29):... [Read More]
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Reacting to Gov. Gina Raimondo's State of the State address ("An upbeat campaign speech," editorial, Jan. 17), The Providence Journal praised the governor for "rolling... [Read More]
Education Commissioner Dr. Sharon Ann McCollum and I, along with thousands of other Daily News subscribers, read Maria Ferreras' well-written editorial (Jan. 23, 2018). On... [Read More]
Re: Guest editorial, Jan. 25, "Demand full funding for Florida Forever" Your guest editorial does an excellent job in reporting the Legislature's failure to... [Read More]
Re: Editorial, Jan. 13, "Should FWB get into the marina biz?" My answer is "YES!" From one who was a marina owner for... [Read More]
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