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Paul Rachele was dangling 100 feet in the air Tuesday when he rappelled off the end of his rope on a Teton Pass rock face... [Read More]
Scott Pilling, 37, went to the rescue of German Shepherd Lilah and terrier Cash after reading about their plight on Facebook... [Read More]
Two days after Cash and Lilah went missing on Helvellyn, in the Lake District, Scott Pilling, 37, went out searching and found them huddled together under... [Read More]
Rilyn VandeMerwe, a University of Colorado senior, trod carefully in flippers at the summit of the Third Flatiron. He became the first known... [Read More]
A Navajo climber is leading a social media campaign to spread awareness of the indigenous names of peaks... [Read More]
Wearing wild paisley shirts and bell-bottomed pants, smoking cigarettes and posing with a kind of rebellious insouciance, Bridwell and his partners created an utterly new... [Read More]
Jackson man and mountain guide Paul Rachele, who was rock climbing Tuesday in an area on Teton Pass known among climbers as "The Reef" fell... [Read More]
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Jim Bridwell, a hard-partying hippie and legendary climber who lived his life vertically on some of the toughest peaks in Yosemite National Park, has died.... [Read More]
Oregon's tallest peak rises above the streets of downtown Portland, its gorgeous snow-capped slopes luring 10,000 climbers a year. The picture postcard view of Mount... [Read More]
For weeks, Dr. Laszlo Kreizler's team of supersleuths has been chasing a series of spectres: a man who kills, mutilates, and cannibalizes children. A man... [Read More]
The risk-taking, hippie-style mountaineer devised new routes and set records, especially in Yosemite National Park, during a five-decade career. [Read More]
Bridwell made historic climbs in the Alaska Range near Denali and in the Andes of Patagonia, and in 1982 was part of an expedition that... [Read More]
This is the horrific moment a man sustains serious injuries falling 23 ft from a pole during a Russian folk festival to mark the waning... [Read More]
WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT Named only as Alexander, the climber was wearing just shorts despite the sub-zero temperatures... [Read More]
SAN FRANCISCO—Jim Bridwell, the wild, partying, long-haired hippie climber famous for being the first to climb the towering 3,000-foot sheer cliff known as El Capitan... [Read More]
A perfect storm of warmth, cold and moisture makes a nearly vertical cliff doable. [Read More]
Jim Bridwell, a paisley-clad climber who pioneered new routes up some of the world's most formidable rock faces, including the prow of El Capitan -... [Read More]
A hunter claims to have found 'hard proof' of a UFO above Mount Everest in a mosaic of images created by climber and filmmaker David... [Read More]
The temperature is around minus 10, not counting the windchill. Fat snowflakes are pelting what little exposed skin exists in a group of about 20... [Read More]
The climber, Alexander, was filmed shinning his way to the top in front of impressed onlookers in Anzhero-Sudhenzk... [Read More]
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