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The mayors of Honolulu, Hawaii, Maui and Kauai counties joined 236 mayors from 47 U.S. states and territories in signing a joint letter opposing the... [Read More]
Turning our back on the Clean Power Plan is dangerous. The world is in desperate need of American leadership and innovation, and we cannot afford... [Read More]
Las Vegas is No. 9 out of the "top 10 most ozone-polluted cities" and is among the cities with the worst air quality in the... [Read More]
Two New Hampshire mayors have joined more than 230 of their colleagues nationwide to oppose the Trump administration's proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan,... [Read More]
Commentary: Today, Las Cruces Mayor Ken Miyagishima joined more than 200 mayors from across the U.S. to express his support for the Clean Power Plan... [Read More]
Kansas City Mayor Sly James implored the Trump administration not to "put our citizens at risk" by repealing President Obama's signature Clean Power Plan. [Read More]
Some argue that proposed EPA rule change would make storms stronger... [Read More]
At the Environmental Protection Agency's listening session in Kansas City Wednesday, Kansas City's mayor explains why he and other cities' officials support continuing the Obama... [Read More]
If Donald Trump serves out his term as pr*sident, he has 1,063 days left in the White House ••• •••  Today's comic by... [Read More]
The mayors of Athens and Amesville have joined hundreds of other city leaders from around the country in expressing support for the Clean Power Plan. [Read More]
La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat was among the leaders of 236 U.S. cities urging the Trump administration not to repeal the Clean Power Plan. [Read More]
EPA's reversal could be catastrophic for long-term public health and finances... [Read More]
Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim joined more than 200 mayors from across the country in opposing the Trump administration's proposed repeal of the Clean Power... [Read More]
Before the agency can overturn Obama-era greenhouse gas emissions rules, it's required to hold a series of "listening sessions" for the public. [Read More]
Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski joined more than 200 mayors nationwide in supporting the Clean Power Plan (CPP), that may be repealed by the... [Read More]
Most coal plants that would have been cut by the Clean Power Plan now run clean, thanks to high-tech "scrubbing" systems that trap emissions. [Read More]
Clean energy means employment. Industry jobs in both Missouri and Kansas are growing at much faster rates than other job sectors in each state. [Read More]
The law students who filed the comment are part of the Environmental Law Project, one of 27 pro bono groups at Penn Law School. [Read More]
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