Tracey Samuelson

There's a dance called earnings season that happens in the corporate world every three months. Public companies are required to open their books and add... [Read More]
Another $16 billion of tariffs on imports from China will take effect in a couple weeks — Aug. 23 to be precise. That announcement came... [Read More]
We're sorry, younger siblings: there's a good chance your older brother or sister will end up making more than you and perform better in school.... [Read More]
Tuesday in Tokyo, the European Union and Japan inked a fresh trade pact that will eliminate most of the tariffs between them. The EU has... [Read More]
Mexico has elected a new president. Andrés Manuel López Obrador … often referred to by his initials …. AMLO…won easily in yesterday's ballot, getting more... [Read More]
In Wisconsin today, President Donald Trump did a thing politicians like to do sometimes. Shovel in hand, he touted a big investment in the U.S.... [Read More]
Yesterday … a judge cleared AT&T's $85 billion acquisition of Time Warner. Today… Comcast bid $65 billion in cash for 21st Century Fox assets, which... [Read More]
In 1975, President Gerald Ford created a committee to oversee foreign investment in the United States. His executive order was prompted, in part, by significant... [Read More]
Tomorrow is supposed to be the final deadline — per House Speaker Paul Ryan — for trade negotiators to agree to a revised North American... [Read More]
May 17. Next Thursday. That's the deadline House Speaker Paul Ryan has set for negotiators to notify Congress that they've reached an agreement on a... [Read More]
When the United States imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports last month, the European Union and a handful of other key allies got a... [Read More]
South Korea has become the first nation to be permanently exempted from President Donald Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs as part of a newly renegotiated... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's import duties on steel and aluminum take effect Friday. The Europeans have already drawn up their list of retaliatory items. There's serious... [Read More]
A beer trade group with members that sell the beverage in aluminum cans. Companies that want to show their products have a role in national... [Read More]
The White House will follow through on its plan to levy tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum, President Donald Trump said during a cabinet... [Read More]
In Chicago, debt from unpaid parking tickets and traffic violations is prompting an increasing number of bankruptcies. ProPublica Illinois recently analyzed data about Chicago's ticketing... [Read More]
The Trump Administration is trying to figure out how to act on a campaign promise to make trade with China more fair. One thing the... [Read More]
Labor productivity, a measure of how efficient workers are, hasn't been improving in recent years. That has caused worry among economists, because worker productivity has... [Read More]
Robert Granger stands on a thick, blue, padded mat and stares up a rock-climbing wall covered in rainbow-colored, hand-and-foot holds. It looks like like someone... [Read More]
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