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A top lawmaker couldn't explain why gunman Nikolas Cruz was able to own the AR-15 he used to kill 17 people. [Read More]
Students in South Florida walked out of classes Wednesday morning, one week after gunman Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people. [Read More]
Conservative Twitter users claim they woke up to find thousands of followers were gone and accused Twitter of secretly stripping accounts. [Read More]
Donald Trump Jr. touted how India's poor appeared to be happy, which is something you don't get most places. [Read More]
The Florida man who took in gunman Nikolas Cruz thinks the teen was entitled to own the rifle he used in last week's shooting. [Read More]
Florida gunman Nikolas Cruz was enrolled at the Cross Creek School until January 2016 -- and a report reveals eerie details about his unusual behavior. [Read More]
Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway asked the powerful gun lobby to find another host city for its annual convention in early May. [Read More]
Florida gunman Nikolas Cruz jumped off the back of a bus and was repeatedly punched for using a racial slur while at another school. [Read More]
China wants "severe punishment" for the Philadelphia man fingered for stealing a thumb off an ancient terracotta statue. [Read More]
Florida gunman Nikolas Cruz sat motionless with his face lowered during a Monday appearance in a Ft. Lauderdale court... [Read More]
Notably absent from the commander-in-chief's weekend Twitter frenzy was a response to the Kremlin's efforts to influence the election. [Read More]
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A White House press van driver was detained outside President Trump's Florida resort Monday morning for a gun was found in his bag. [Read More]
Florida gunman Nikolas Cruz was previously involved in a fight at the high school he's accused of shooting up this week, a new cellphone video... [Read More]
President Trump signaled he's willing to reform the federal background check system after the Florida high school shooting last week. [Read More]
Students who survived the deadly high school shooting in Florida plan to tell NRA-loyal lawmakers that their days are numbered. [Read More]
Defense Department brass is concerned trotting soldiers, missiles and heavy weaponry through Washington, D.C., will create military chaos. [Read More]
The announcement comes a day after students, families and activists rallied Saturday for stricter gun laws after 17 people were killed in Parkland, Fla. [Read More]
U.S. lawmakers and top White House officials tried to distance the nation from some of President's tough talk at security conference. [Read More]
A prominent GOP donor in Florida is threatening to cut off funding to Republicans who oppose a ban on assault weapons. [Read More]
A prominent GOP donor in Florida is threatening to cut off funding to Republicans who oppose a ban on assault weapons. [Read More]
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