Philip Galanes

A reader wonders whether it's appropriate to turn down play dates with children whose parents own firearms. [Read More]
A reader is offended by her daughter's husband and worries his behavior will be passed down. [Read More]
He has been privately and publicly cruel about my sexuality. What to do? [Read More]
When your father, who's in his 60s, is engaged to a much-younger woman, it's not crazy to be concerned. But things could also work out... [Read More]
A reader wonders how to acknowledge a boyfriend's daughter's dyed hair without imposing judgment. [Read More]
There's only so much inter-parental drama a daughter can handle. [Read More]
An atheist wonders whether she should talk to her granddaughter about religion. [Read More]
They're 23. She wants to get married. He's not so sure yet. [Read More]
For The Times's Social Q's columnist, compassion — even for our rudest in-law or nastiest neighbor — can often make things better. [Read More]
A reader is agitated by her father's running commentary on her looks. [Read More]
Sometimes a well-intentioned "I'm sorry for your loss" hurts more than it helps. [Read More]
A reader feels torn between separated parents, one of whom hides none of the anger she harbors toward her ex. [Read More]
Mr. Murphy, the TV creator, and Ms. Mock, the transgender activist, discuss the new FX series about the vogue ball scene in '80s New York. [Read More]
A seventh grader wonders what to say to a friend who gets defensive on the subject of race instead of showing empathy. [Read More]
A brother-in-law's multiple marriages leave a reader stumped in the Mother's Day gift department. [Read More]
A reader loves everything about her son's girlfriend, except her habit of licking knives during meals. [Read More]
The veteran double Oscar winner, who opens on Broadway tonight in 'The Iceman Cometh', and the 'Black Panther' star discuss their idols, black superheroes, stage... [Read More]
A reader wants to withhold an invitation to a family party from the sibling who did the same on her wedding day. [Read More]
"It was a big highlight," Michael B. Jordan said, then looked down shyly into his lap. [Read More]
A reader expresses empathy for — but mostly envy of — a peer who receives special testing accommodations. [Read More]
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