Pat Bushey

The tragic deaths of 17 students in Parkland, Florida, is a grim reality we must all face. In addition to the tribulation, once again we... [Read More]
Education in general has been under fire for years on a variety of fronts and Oregon's K-12 programs especially so for such problems as low... [Read More]
A view of the lake — for crying out loud! A big, fancy building will not make DHS service any better. This should be about... [Read More]
District 1... [Read More]
Oregon voters should pay close attention to the May Primary Election for Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries. [Read More]
Back in 2016, when transparency in Oregon government was all the rage, state agencies were reminded of some basic tenets of open government. Among them:... [Read More]
This should go without saying, but it's not OK for a U.S. president to call an FBI execution of search warrants, signed off on by... [Read More]
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