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EPA PUSHED BACK ON EFFICIENCY ROLLBACK RATIONALE: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) staff challenged the Trump administration's conclusion that rolling back vehicle fuel efficiency rules would save... [Read More]
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is blaming "environmental terrorist" groups for the deadly forest fires ripping through California.Zinke, who visited neighborhoods ravaged by the state's largest... [Read More]
GO WEST, YOUNG CABINET SECRETARIES: Four of President Trump's Cabinet secretaries are escaping the Washington, D.C., summer August heat and heading west for some energy... [Read More]
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said climate change had "nothing to do" with California's wildfires, as he visited neighborhoods hard hit by the massive Carr Fire over... [Read More]
Interior Department deputy secretary David Bernhardt says the way the Endangered Species Act (ESA) is implemented today causes an "unnecessary regulatory burden" on U.S. taxpayers and... [Read More]
Greg Sheehan, the head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, is stepping down from his post, the Interior Department confirmed to The Hill Thursday."Greg... [Read More]
A large number of voters are opposed to the Trump administration's plan to weaken vehicle emissions standards, a new poll released Thursday found.Nearly half (49 percent)... [Read More]
A group of former officials with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are urging Administrator Andrew Wheeler to turn the agency around following a number of decisions... [Read More]
A federal court says President Trump doesn't have to explain the reasoning behind his decision to shrink two national monuments earlier this year.U.S. District Judge... [Read More]
Former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt failed to back his reasoning with science when he made a claim last year that humans are not the central cause... [Read More]
Baltimore is poised to become the largest U.S. city to prohibit the privatization of its water and sewer system.If the City Council approves the measure... [Read More]
A series of tweets President Trump sent in November promising to halt imports of elephant trophies blindsided staffers in his own administration and cut off... [Read More]
TRUMP ELEPHANT TROPHY TWEETS BLINDSIDED STAFF: A series of tweets President Trump sent in November promising to halt imports of elephant trophies blindsided staffers in... [Read More]
The Interior Department announced plans Friday to reverse a rule that banned the use of pesticides in national wildlife refuges.The decision, announced ... [Read More]
TRUMP TO ROLL BACK OBAMA AUTO STANDARDS: The Trump administration took one of its biggest shots yet against President Barack Obama's environmental legacy Thursday, moving... [Read More]
California's Attorney General is preparing a lawsuit against the Trump administration's proposal to dramatically roll back Obama-era vehicle emissions standards.If adopted, the Administration's proposal would preve... [Read More]
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TRUMP EPA TO KEEP OBAMA SMOG RULE: The Trump administration has decided to keep the Obama administration's controversial 2015 smog regulation and defend it in... [Read More]
A group of conservationists and animal rights activists sued the Trump administration on Wednesday over its establishment of a pro-hunting international council.The Humane Society, the... [Read More]
President Donald Trump announced Tuesday night his plans to nominate a new White House science and technology adviser with a background in extreme weather events.The... [Read More]
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