Willamette Week

Chopsticks III will soon be no more. As the bar announced last night on its Facebook page, the How Can Be Lounge will cease to... [Read More]
Not only were the models themselves from many ethnic backgrounds, but many of them rocked natural hair styles, such as bantu knots, braids and curly... [Read More]
A search of his apartment revealed he'd hidden a camera on the mop he pushed a Legacy and used to film up women's skirts. [Read More]
On Monday, Direct Action Alliance—a Portland anti-fascism group that, among other things, protests law enforcement's responses to homelessness—issued a release warning about a serial arsonist... [Read More]
Yale Union is one of Portland's most prolific importers of contemporary art. On top of cutting edge exhibits, the Buckman arts hub regularly hosts free... [Read More]
Vintage Cocktail Lounge will buy the Pearl District's long-running Vault Martini bar on 226 NW 12th Ave—a lounge-y refuge serving up umpteen versions of the... [Read More]
Who's got next? [Read More]
Twenty years after Eminem invaded suburban CD players across the nation, it's still a shock to see someone with blond hair, blue eyes and legitimate... [Read More]
Two years ago, Autistic Youth hit a wall. After three albums and extensive touring, the Portland garage-punk veterans were burned out—with the project, but not... [Read More]
For Allison Faris, the definition of "heavy" has always been fluid. Though her group, Blackwater Holylight, is undeniably heavy, it wasn't until the project came... [Read More]
A decade on as a band, Autonomics feels as if they're still in their formative years. That might be because fleeing their home of Bend... [Read More]
When "California" is used as an adjective, it's meant to imply a feeling of carefree breeziness. That is certainly an accurate way to describe the... [Read More]
Maarquii doesn't suffer fuckboys gladly, and neither does Marquise Dickerson. [Read More]
It's almost as if Vaughn Kimmons and Andre Burgos were fated to make music together. [Read More]
If loving oneself is an act of political warfare, then Frankie Simone is leading the way into battle. [Read More]
Amenta Abioto personifies "#blackgirlmagic." And she wants to make one thing perfectly clear: She got it from her mama. [Read More]
Every year, in the spirit of transparency—and to make it perfectly clear that Best New Band is a poll, not an arbitrary list—we publish the... [Read More]
Katherine Paul has always had music to comfort her. She's needed it often. [Read More]
In truth, Savilá is a band that can't be neatly packaged into a brand or traced to a curated set of influences. But rather than... [Read More]
"I wanted to just find love like everybody else," Hawkins says. [Read More]
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