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Russian skaters Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva enter Friday's competition at the top of the standings after the short program, with Americans Mirai Nagasu, Karen... [Read More]
Filing intensifies legal pressure on two former Trump campaign aides. [Read More]
The president pledged again Thursday to "take action," with aides describing him as being in a "listening phase" that is expected to result in legislative... [Read More]
Students in Prince William County were told they will be disciplined. In Montgomery County, students learned their grades could be affected. The message from the... [Read More]
The U.N. ambassador says both Israel and the Palestinians would have something to like in the forthcoming proposal... [Read More]
The Eagles control a physical game with a full-court press and a lot of free throws. ... [Read More]
His ardent supporters like to hold up Donald Trump as a reincarnation of Ronald Reagan. They couldn't be more wrong. [Read More]
Americans must mobilize to kick politicians who refuse to act on gun control out of office. [Read More]
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The Gunshine State places the interests of the NRA above those of its residents. [Read More]
In the aftermath of Florida school shooting, the president has had a week of activity, emotion and new positions on gun measures. [Read More]
Conservatives at their annual gathering warned about Democrats winning the House and Senate in the midterm — and the impeachment threat to President Trump... [Read More]
The survivors have a uniquely powerful voice. They must make it heard. [Read More]
Protecting the midterm elections will take bipartisan action. [Read More]
The serial arrests of dual nationals, including an environmental activist who died in Evin prison, are alarming. [Read More]
Is it luxury condos or access? [Read More]
Washington, Jerusalem, Moscow and Tehran are struggling to define and communicate the rules amid the rubble of Syria. [Read More]
Press freedom is the canary in the coal mine. [Read More]
It would help American workers — and businesses. [Read More]
His political career was bookended by erudite and intriguing, if ultimately unsuccessful, bids for the Senate in New Jersey. [Read More]
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