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Dear Tom, I remember January 1982 as being exceptionally cold. We postponed our daughter's Jan. 10 christening for a week because of extreme cold, but... [Read More]
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Dear Tom, Is there an approximation of the difference in temperature on the same day between Midway and O'Hare airports? — Frank Bauer Dear Frank,... [Read More]
Dear Tom, Temperatures Thursday morning were in the upper 50s, but there was a winter weather advisory for the evening. What is Chicagoland's highest daily... [Read More]
Dear Tom, During the recent cold spell, I noticed many references to the "average temperature." How is that number calculated? Is it the average of... [Read More]
Dear Tom, With all the talk of global warming, why did we just experience such incredibly cold weather that reached so far south? — Donna... [Read More]
Dear Tom, Your recent graphic on Chicago's Frigid Facts listed the city's lowest wind chill of 82 degrees below zero set on Christmas Eve 1983.... [Read More]
Dear Tom, Looking back at 2017, what were the highest and lowest temperatures and the rainiest, snowiest and windiest days? Ken Foiles, Bolingbrook Dear Ken,... [Read More]
Dear Tom, During the January 1994 cold outbreak, there was a lot of media attention focused on Chicago. We did not set an all-time record... [Read More]
Dear Tom, Why is a bombogenesis off our East Coast called a "Bomb Cyclone"? Thanks, Gregg Reynolds Chicago Dear Gregg, Bombogenesis is a term applied... [Read More]
Dear Tom, Why does global warming cause ocean levels to rise? Wouldn't the extra heat make the water evaporate? — Salome, Batavia Dear Salome, The... [Read More]
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Dear Tom, How many winters has Chicago hosted featuring bitter cold, piles of snow and, to top it off, an ice storm? Tom Gregg, Niles... [Read More]
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Tom Skilling Dear Tom, I didn't have to shovel a great deal of snow in 2017. How did Chicago's 2017 snow totals compare with prior... [Read More]
Dear Tom, January, 1994 was a frigid month. Didn't we have a ten-day stretch where temperatures dropped to at least minus 10? Thanks, Tyler Brandt... [Read More]
Dear Tom, I remember playing golf on New Year's Day about 20 years ago with temperatures in the 60s. I didn't see that day listed... [Read More]
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