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Dear Tom, We were married on June 14, 1952 and recall that there were power outages all over the city. The organ would not play,... [Read More]
Dear Tom, What was the first culture to record weather observations? Mary Liasen Dear Mary, Man has always watched the weather with awe and trepidation... [Read More]
Dear Tom, Why does the United States consistently lead the world in the number of tornadoes each year? — Mick Bulakowski, Palatine Dear Mike, The... [Read More]
Dear Tom, You have said occasionally that abundant rain in the Great Lakes basin is responsible for high lake levels. Is the level of Lake... [Read More]
Dear Tom, Why did you tell listeners that summer starts June 1, when in fact it starts June 21! — Cheryl Bolingbrook Dear Cheryl, While... [Read More]
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