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Dear Tom, It seems most significant rain events have passed over the northern or far southern portions of the Chicago area, leaving the southwest suburbs... [Read More]
Dear Tom, What factors contribute to Chicago's tropical humidity levels in the summer? — Margaret Robertson, Chicago Dear Margaret, The most important factor to the... [Read More]
Dear Tom, What is the city's longest streak of daily high and low temperatures when the mercury never dropped below 70 degrees? — Brian Dunne,... [Read More]
Dear Tom, I live in Harvey and last winter we had many consecutive days of snow. Was that unusual? Thanks, Jerlene Harris Harvey Dear Jerlene,... [Read More]
Dear Tom, I prefer to judge a warm season by the number of days of at least 80 instead of 90. What year hosted the... [Read More]
Dear Tom, What is the most troublesome kind of pollution that the world faces now? — Jimmy Callo, Bensenville Dear Jimmy, Of the many kinds... [Read More]
Dear Tom, What's the highest Lake Michigan water temperature recorded at Chicago? — George Kuritza Dear George, Rebounding from icy 32-degree late-winter water temperatures, August... [Read More]
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