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The noted public intellectual stumbles in an interview. [Read More]
The Flores settlement forces a choice between enforcing immigration law inhumanely or not at all. There is a third way. [Read More]
Also: Remembering Charles Krauthammer, and more. [Read More]
They aren't making any more of him. [Read More]
Simon Rattle helped democratize classical music. As he leaves the Berlin Philharmonic, what's next for 'the people's conductor'? [Read More]
The impossibility—and the necessity—of distinguishing science from nonscience. [Read More]
Long-awaited follow-up to Pixar's 'The Incredibles' is forgettable fun. [Read More]
In January of 2007, Charles Krauthammer wrote an appreciation of his older brother, Marcel, who had died shortly before the New Year. It was a... [Read More]
Anyone who read Charles Krauthammer's writing, saw him speak on television, or knew anything about his incredible life story could tell you he was exceedingly... [Read More]
Sandra Day O'Connor envisioned a deadline for racial preferences. [Read More]
A couple of hours ago I was commiserating with a friend who was also working on a short tribute to Charles Krauthammer. We were both... [Read More]
Former Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland made a bombshell admission Wednesday at an otherwise quiet hearing of the Senate... [Read More]
Plus, why can't the Trump administration hire normal people? [Read More]
GOP Poll Bump May Have Been a Mirage... [Read More]
Social Creature, a female-driven society noir, is a chilling summer read. [Read More]
Hosted by Charlie Sykes. [Read More]
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