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When teachers have to take second jobs to make ends meet, they have less time and energy for their students as well as a clear... [Read More]
It was a dreadful day as I listened to another dismal chapter of slaughtering our school age children. [Read More]
These remarks were delivered Wednesday to The Kiwanis Club of the Sandhills during its annual presentation of the Junior Builders Cup scholarship to four high... [Read More]
Why the rise in fuel prices? Summer is coming on, and that has something to do with it. Greed and avarice have much to play... [Read More]
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To Pinehurst politicians: When is enough enough? What ever happened to the "village of Pinehurst," the reason most of us relocated to this area? Every... [Read More]
North Carolina continues to be a popular destination for people across the country — and the world — looking for a great place to live,... [Read More]
The Garden is Open" sign is still there. The tulips and azaleas, though well past their height, still glorify the yard. [Read More]
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Memorial Day is an appropriate time to reread Abraham Lincoln's sublime Gettysburg Address honoring Civil War dead. [Read More]
Thank you, Lloyd Barnes, for your tongue-in-cheek letter of May 20. I am still laughing. It was hilarious. [Read More]
Congratulations, Moore County. In the recent election, you put children first. You overwhelmingly approved a bond issue to build a set of new consolidated public... [Read More]
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Breathe easy, ye closet royalists. The wedding's over — went off without a hitch, far as I could tell, except for a few moments distinctly... [Read More]
Mike Keiser, Herb Kohler and Richard Jenrette are names you may or may not recognize. Each of them has had an impact on my life... [Read More]
Eagle: By Kellye Parks, for so masterfully coaching so many young students through her Terpsichore Dance Studio since opening it 25 years ago. [Read More]
Snapshots from the grand opening of the Veteran Golfers Association's headquarters in Pinehurst. Founded by several combat-wounded veterans in 2014, the VGA is a national... [Read More]
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