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The Russian Health Ministry has prepared a bill introducing fines for any public promotion of HIV/Aids denial and the blocking of websites that spread such... [Read More]
The Russian telecommunications watchdog has issued an order to internet providers restricting access to web resources used by Telegram messenger, which lost a court battle... [Read More]
Almost 90 percent of Russians say they don't want to take part in protests, and three quarters of respondents claim they don't expect others to... [Read More]
With Washington dropping all pretense and turning ever more hostile and confrontational towards Russia, Moscow needs to make its foreign policy more offensive, the head... [Read More]
Russian President Vladimir Putin remains the most trusted Russian politician, though his trust rating decreased by about 7 percent in the month following the March... [Read More]
As the state internet watchdog Roskomnadzor continues its attempts to block the Telegram messenger service, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed reports that Russia is planning... [Read More]
A Russian regional lawmaker has proposed the introduction of fines for selling drugs, alcohol and tobacco to pregnant women. The law could also force all... [Read More]
The large majority of Russians says they prefer to get domestic and international news from television broadcasts, but only half see television as their most... [Read More]
The head of Russia's Communist Party has asked the Prosecutor General to investigate a polling system that reportedly allowed someone to vote twice in March's... [Read More]
The Russian deputy PM responsible for the defense industry has said that a ban on rocket-engine sales to the US is undesirable because it provides... [Read More]
Russian NGO "Akhmat Kadyrov Regional Public Foundation" has unveiled a major operation to help Rohingya Muslims who fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh fearing repression. [Read More]
G7 nations should be asking uncomfortable questions of London rather than probing Moscow about the circumstances of the Skripal poisoning, according to the head of... [Read More]
The number of deaths caused by tainted alcohol poisoning has fallen by 25 percent since Russian authorities imposed a ban on the sale of alcohol-containing... [Read More]
Afghanistan's president has invited the Taliban to take part in the upcoming parliamentary election in October. The unusual offer comes as the militant group continues... [Read More]
The current wave of politically-correct moralism reared its head in recent debates about the need to regulate relations between humans and sexbots (sexual robots). [Read More]
Britain's strategic relationship with radical Islam goes back decades and continues to this day. [Read More]
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Russian football coach Aleksandr Grigoryan has been fired from second tier club Luch-Energiya, following the infamous incident in which a fan threw a live rooster... [Read More]
Undefeated American heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder's team has lost $4.3 million in a court case over the cancelled fight with Russian fighter Alexander Povetkin back... [Read More]
As the US is reviewing funding aimed at helping war-ravaged Syria rebuild, it's not neglecting the White Helmets – a controversial militant-linked group instrumental to... [Read More]
In early April, reports began emerging that China was seeking to build a military base in the Pacific. Are these reports "fake news," or are... [Read More]
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