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Dolores premieres on PBS's Independent Lens on Tuesday, March 27, 2018. [Read More]
Filmmaker Peter Bratt talks about "Dolores," his new Independent Lens PBS documentary about tireless activist Dolores Huerta, including how he became hooked on Huerta's story... [Read More]
The history of the Montiers, a trailblazing Philadelphia family. [Read More]
Here's a look at some specific proposals in the 2000-page omnibus spending bill. [Read More]
The White House is expected to give an update on the budget bill that is nearing a House vote. Watch live here. [Read More]
PBS Distribution announced today that the first season of the epic eight-part drama JAMESTOWN will premiere on the PBS MASTERPIECE Amazon channel and on PBS... [Read More]
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch weighs 87,000 tons -- 16 times more than previous estimates -- and contains more than 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic,... [Read More]
It marks the end of a closely-watched special election in Pennsylvania, more than a week after the end of a remarkable race that has shaken... [Read More]
In light of a user data scandal with the firm Cambridge Analytica, some consumers have jumped onto the hashtag #DeleteFacebook, pledging to leave the platform.... [Read More]
Wednesday on the NewsHour, a bombing suspect in Austin blows himself up after being cornered by police. Also: Mark Zuckerberg breaks his silence on a... [Read More]
The committee is recommending that states make sure voting machines have paper audit trails and aren't capable of being connected to the internet. Senators also... [Read More]
A young startup called Relativity is pushing space technology forward by pushing 3D printing technology to its limits, building the largest metal 3D printer in... [Read More]
White boys who grow up in rich households are likely to stay rich, but black boys who are also raised at the top are more... [Read More]
The Iran deal's critics argue the restrictions must cover both long- and medium-range missile tests and transfers, and that the penalties for both should be... [Read More]
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The review comes weeks after a PBS NewsHour investigation into these issues, especially in the agency's firefighting ranks, along with the departure of Forest Service... [Read More]
Zuckerberg is breaking more than four days of silence as he posts an update about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. [Read More]
Our collectively aching teeth thank you, Dr. Carl Koller. [Read More]
"It's easy to lie with stats, but it's much easier to lie without statistics." [Read More]
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Obtaining a permit for a food truck in New York can take 15 years, according to a new study on the industry. In Washington, D.C.... [Read More]
These steps show confidence that the economy remains sturdy nearly nine years after the Great Recession ended, officials said. [Read More]
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