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Jon Rosevear's addiction to child pornography and the charges he was convicted of Friday in Yamhill County Circuit Court might have sent him to prison... [Read More]
Although it's currently cheaper to deposit recyclable materials into the landfill than to sort them and find a buyer, Recology Western Oregon is "not going... [Read More]
Once again, a discouraged creditor has declared foreclosure for part of the land on the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, although, as usual, the issue... [Read More]
News-Register subscription rates will increase April 16, according to Asst. Publisher Ossie Bladine, who added many readers can offset the rate hike by converting to... [Read More]
McMinnville residents may no longer have to pay 5 cents for paper bags if the McMinnville City Council adopts a proposed amendment to the city's... [Read More]
Former Yamhill County Commissioner Kathy George sent a letter in today's section taking Commissioner Rick Olson to task over a recent exchange with his colleagues.... [Read More]
Walkout has made progress... [Read More]
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