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Well here are a couple new internet trends no one asked for. [Read More]
DALLAS-- Ever seen Scared Straight? While the approach isn't the same, the concept is being taught at Carter High School in Dallas. A group of... [Read More]
She may look like a gun slinging pro here, but Judge Margaret Jones-Johnson actually spends most of her days in the courtroom... not swinging around... [Read More]
President Trump met with students and families affected by school shootings on Wednesday, vowing to enact changes to prevent mass shootings. [Read More]
Several North Texas police departments are urging people to take precautions on the roads. Heavy rain may lead to flooding in general areas. Police say... [Read More]
The Dallas Mavericks are making headlines early this morning as the organization is being accused of "predatory sexual behavior" in what some employees call an open... [Read More]
Check your purse! Check your car! Check your junk drawer! Because someone out there has an unclaimed MILLION DOLLAR Powerball lottery ticket - and it... [Read More]
PLANO-- Cinemark is going the extra mile to keep customers safe. Starting February 22, you won't be able to walk into any of their theaters... [Read More]
A Northern California couple say they are concerned about mysterious packages that keep showing up at their doorstep. Michelle Carroll told KTXL it all started... [Read More]
A Texas couple is in the middle of a fight to foster. Bryn Esplin and Fatma Marouf are a same sex couple who applied to... [Read More]
Rene Gamez, who was killed in the same shooting incident as Richardson police officer David Sherrard, was "always the life of the party." [Read More]
Authorities say they found "distractionary-type" devices in his backpack at Jackson Memorial Middle School. The devices were not explosives and police did not find any... [Read More]
Stealing things from kids. It's about as low as you can get, but it's exactly what this man did. Twice over the last few weeks,... [Read More]
Hobby Lobby and other craft stores are dealing with sudden invasions that disrupt legit shoppers and leave aisles in complete chaos. It's not the mad... [Read More]
A teenage girl who was initially believed to be one of two victims in a Houston-area carjacking and robbery Friday night is now a suspect,... [Read More]
The postal trucker driver shot to death overnight Monday has been identified. Dallas police say his name is Tony Mosby and he was 58-years-old. The... [Read More]
A Transavia flight from Dubai to Amsterdam had to land early in Vienna after a guy couldn't stop cutting the cheese! [Read More]
At this rate, people will do basically anything to get their paws on Black Panther tickets! [Read More]
DALLAS-- There is no doubt being a single parent is hard. However, being a single dad and a domestic violence victim... now that is a... [Read More]
The organization scheduled its annual meetings for Friday, May 4 through Sunday, May 6. Mayor Pro Tem, Dwaine Caraway, asked the NRA to stay away. [Read More]
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